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Company Profile

Chrome Sports (W.M) is a sole proprietorship organization. We are catering to all dealers, wholesalers, and all sport Goods. We are manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of Quality Sports Goods & wear made out of knitted fabrics. We specialize in supplying Sports Goods to Resorts & Hotels. We represent many reputed and well-known brands like: - MRF, COSCO, BDM, SS, KG, BAS, ESS, SUPREMO, REEBOK, SG, ASE etc.

We take orders from corporate and others business organizations for customized requirements. We can have your Logo or any other design of your choice, printed or embroidered on the garment.

We are wholesalers and retailers of sports goods also. We can have your Logo or Name of your choice, printed on the Footballs and Hockey sticks. We also take orders for Team's clothing and equipment.

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