Our products and service details are given below:

  • Import Substitution.
  • Jobs Requiring Design, Development, Manufacturing &Testing.
  • Aerospace Ground Support Systems e.g. Aircraft Fuel Re-fuelling System, Aircraft Pneumatic Starting System, Mobile Platforms, Test Rigs.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Dispenser, Accumulators.
  • Pressure Vessels and Autoclaves.
  • Missile Component Containers.
  • Hydraulic Test Bench.
  • Rocket Motor Testing Rigs.
  • Specialized Fabrication.
  •  Non-Return Valves.
  •  Quick Disconnect Couplings.
  •  Low Temperature Bio-digesters for Human and Kitchen Waste.

Other Facilities:

We can also take up jobs requiring Heat Treatment, Stress reliving, Annealing, Normalizing and post heat treatment machining. Dishing facility for end closures, Rubber Lining & Fiber - glass lining are also available with our associates. The following machines are available with our business associates and we make use of these facilities whenever required by us.

  • Jig Boring 80mm Spindle dia with DRO
  • Floor Boring 115mm Spindle dia with 3 axis DRO
  • CNC 6 Axis Machining Centre
  • Plano milling 5m bed length x 1.5 m wide
  • Vertical Turret Lathe 3.0 m dia x 2.7m height