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Indigenous communities are many and varied in the rural and tribal notches of this world, each with a vibrant original culture. Inherent in their art as themselves is a simple yet bold motif that breathes power. Over the ages, a fraction of the art that is embedded into their living has threaded its way into our 'modern' world. Today we find folk and tribal art permeated onto our living space lending it such vibrancy as is undeniably something that can be associated only with the rustic.

'Folks & Tribes' is one such medium that intends to bring out this latent talent to the city people. Garments and home accessories with folk and tribal design elements is what the store would offer at extremely competitive rates.

Housed in New No. 13, Old No. 6, Venus Colony, Second Street, Alwarpet, Chennai - 600 018. 'Folks & Tribes' is a store that is easily accessible, being right in the center of the city.

To list some of the hot-selling items in the store, there are bright and colorful wooden mirrors-cum-photo frames, madhubani paper mache human and animal figures, ethnic notepads with pen stands, Bamboo flutes of the Bhil tribe, Gift tags in quilling, handmade paper diaries, Shell money pouches and gift bags, Palm leaf gift bags, Lambani belts, earrings, anklets and necklaces, Terracotta vases with patachitra paintings, Terracotta fish chimes, etc.

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