Indopaedia is among the educational software development firm that has research based authenticated content. Recently, Indopaedia has developed an encyclopedia over India based on various subjects that has been useful for all the age groups. It has been developed with the aim to educated readers across the globe about the Golden India.

The complete Indian Encyclopedia

Our encyclopedia highlights the various facets of India’s vast legacy, life and living, which have influenced a vast number of people across the world. However, we offer not just compilation of articles but insight and understanding of the conversion of an ancient culture into a modern nation. In the process of presenting the various dimensions of India, we have maintained regency which ensures the authentication of the text.

The world talks endlessly of the diversity of the people of India and how they live together in seamless harmony. Yet it is difficult to perceive how the languages and cultures of the people overlap and what happens when this marvelous, soundless churning leaves its imprints on the souls of writers. Indeed Indian writers have this amazing sense of insight and the apt words to string together their feelings.

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