Masi Constructions & Decors

Masi Constructions & Decors, a firm with 3 decades of committed service in the construction industry is located in Chennai (India). Headed by Er. Ashok J Masillamani, civil engineer, the firm developed its unusual and innovative philosophy and methodology. He built a creative team, comprising of architects, graduate engineers, AutoCAD specialists with relevant and supportive construction equipment together with a taskforce of skilled crafts men, in all aspects of building: carpentry, plumbing, sanitation, electrical, and electronics.


Our VISION is to offer skilled and specialized individuals to work as a team providing quality services to clients through all stages of the design and construction process keeping cost and time overruns entirely under control.

We promote a working style, that encourages client participation at all pivotal points in the creative process, by carefully listening to their needs and work towards fulfilling them.


  1. Preparation of conceptual ideas
  2. Translating the same to 2D working drawing (plan, section and elevation etc,)
  3. Using AutoCAD strictly conforming to codes and norms of local authorities
  4. Using 3D studiomax for final outcome
  5. Quantities both abstract and detailed, pricing the same
  6. Liaison with local authorities for proposal and obtaining sanction and building permit for construction

Pre-construction Services:

  1. Technical testing of soil conditions
  2. Determining bearing capacity of soil
  3. Designing the structure with our seal of structural stability
  4. Designing the structure to resist possible seismic turbulence

Execution of work:

  • Complete understanding of architect’s designs
  • Selection of effective building materials without compromising on qualities
  • Natural drawing of roof slab for rain water harvesting
  • Smooth functioning of electrical, sanitary and plumbing works
  • Complete water proofing of building against possible seepage and dampness
  • Stipulated period for curing of all RCC works
  • Constant monitoring for specification of materials and supervision of work in progress
  • Execution of work to the finest details till final handing over

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