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---About Us---

N.D. Auto Corporation with over 45 years of experience in machinery design, application, engineering, and manufacturing processes, has grown tremendously over period of time.
Established in 1960 by S. Gian Singh Panesar, N.D. Auto Corporation of India has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion over the past 47 years. The head office is located in Delhi. Through changes in the 90's we have elevated our areas of expertise, demonstrated our eagerness to operate effectively, produced quality products, remained competitive in a worldwide market. The various product and services produced at our facility have wide market appeal. They are effective in both radial and thrust loads and when used under trying circumstances.

We believe in continuous innovation. Not only are we dedicated to your Custom installation needs, we now offer a new series of universal options. In 2005, We launched more than 20 new product solutions and accessories, all designed for faster and easier installation. These products are built with the same quality, You’ve come to expect and include exclusive features that make them truly unique.

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