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---Machinery Parts---

1. Dog Chucks


'N.D.A.C.' Brand independent Lathe Chucks are manufactured specially for heavy duty and rigid gripping. Bodies of semi-steel are made from selected material; Brinell hardness is kept to the standard ratio. The whole body is finished.

  • TEST: Dial Indicator tests every chuck after completion is put on test, the gripping and alignment of jaws.
  • GRINDING: Round back and front surfaces of body are grinded for accurate running. Every step of jaws is grinded
  • To precision, accurate and for exact holding. When turned rod is held in N.D.A.C. Brand Jaws, Dial indicator will
  • Make you believe our statement. .
  • SUPERVISION: Finally every jaw is checked with the micrometer under specialized supervision every time.
  • GUARANTEE: These chucks are fully guaranteed for one year against defect from either faulty workmanship or faulty material.

2. True Chucks


  • Body: "NDAC" self centering chucks are supplied in semi steel bodies. Semi-steel alloyed body is casted.
  • With the addition of alloys like chromium, nickel, copper, manganese etc.
  • Jaws: Jaws are of case hardening steel and are properly case hardened and tempered for ensuring
  • Reliability and durability. Faces of internal and external jaws are ground on both sides and are tested for ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • Scrolls: Scrolls are manufactured from carbon steel and are properly heat treated for ensuring quality and durability.
  • Pinion Gears: Pinion Gears are manufactured from the solid tough alloy steel and have a square recess to be operated from with the chuck operating key.
  • Chuck Operating Key: Hardened and tempered alloy steel of suitable length.
  • Guarantee: "NDAC" self centering chucks bear guarantee of one year against any manufacturing defect.
  • Standard Equipment: One Set of reverse jaws, one operating key and a set of mounting bolts.

3. Leading Screws

All kinds of leading screws for any kind of machine or make or purpose can be manufactured as per sample, drawing or specification

4. Gears

We manufacture vast range of gears with great precession starting form 2DP to 20DP and 1Module to 14module. We also provide job work for manufacturing of gears as per customer’s requirement. We have complete range for gears be it

  • Bevel’s

We also manufacture

  • Warm
  • Racks
  • Shafts
  • Universal Joint Holders
  • Wheels

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