Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow Block units are a combination of a bearings and a housing of high-grade cast iron or pressed steel, which come in various shapes. The bearing unit consists of high-grade grease, which runs for longer period. Pillow blocks are basically used in environments where dust and rain are inevitable, and for heavy industrial machinery such as construction and transportation equipment. They are also used in flourmills, steel mills, foundries, galvanizing plants, chemical plants etc.

Plumber Block

Plumber blocks are housing type assemble of heavy Load when compared with pillow block, which can take heavier load. It is open able type and can be tightened by bolt, after fitting the bearing in it. Ball Bearing and Spherical roller are used with a sleeve and lock nuts in these blocks.


Adapter Sleeves, Locknuts, washers are part of assemble of Bearings


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