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-- About Us --

The Genesis:

From time immemorial man has been in the quest of a perfect balance between body and mind. More often than not in pursuit of the lure of gold he has let his body take its toll. Our ancestors had the foresight of depending on nature to provide the solace to the weary body and mind. In fact Ayurveda was considered the unwritten Veda, the principles of which had been the sole reason for the healthy longevity of the ancient years.

Paradise Lost:

Somewhere during the course of history the principles of Ayurveda were left to languish in the confines of a relegated past, once considered to be the ideal way to lead once life. India that had been the cynosure of the ancient world with it’s unique healing powers had suddenly succumbed to the ways of modernization. But all was not lost, the encouraging aspect even during the ignorance of the new generation was that Ayurveda was still practiced in its entirety by a few scholars in Kerala – God’s own country.

Paradise Regained:

Vaidyaratnam p.s varier was one such person bestowed with a vision of tacking Ayurveda back to its rightful place in the modern mans life. He established the Arya Vaidya Sala in 1902 at Kottakal which gained international acclaim during the course of the century. He had in fact pioneered the modern and scientific method of bottling ayurvedic medicines. With this innovation he gave a tremendous impetus to the practice of ayurvedic treatment. This was a welcome shot in the arm to people returning to the ayurvedic form of treatment. Today Arya Vaidyasala, Kottakal has under its umbrella an ayurvedic medical college, hospital, a research and development wing, a charitable hospital which utilizes forty percent of the trust's profits. It has also developed huge farm- lands where rare medicinal plants and herbs are grown and modern manufacturing units to meet the increasing demand for ready to use ayurvedic medicines.

The Challenge:

Taking this into the 21st century in a metropolis such as Chennai required ingenuity and great amount of planning. It was but fitting that Capt.N.S.Ramachandran a scion of the Kottakal family was to take this on as a challenge and thus evolved ' Prakriti Ayurvedic Natural Rejuvenation center'.

Prakriti is often loosely interpreted as just Nature. Prakriti stands to mean much more than that. The word prakriti is of utmost significance in Ayurveda and does not simply mean nature.

"Prakiarshena Karoti Karyam Ulpadayathi Ithi Prakriti"

which means - whichever or whatever creates something different from its basic quality is called Prakriti.

Prakriti is Ayyaktha - impossible to be perceived by the senses.
Prakriti is gunakshobhini - that which by disturbance of gunas cause unversed.
Prakriti is Prasava Vardhini - that which has the ability of creating substances.

Prakriti is the ultimate natural cause of all the things in the Universe.

With the objective of bringing god from his own country to impart his boon of health to his people in Chennai Capt.N.S.Ramachandran actualized the concept of an active Ayurvedic Center in Chennai. He discussed his dream with his Uncle padmasri Dr. P. K Varier, the nephew of vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier and current Managing Trustee of Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala, the concept of starting a state-of-the-art rejunvation center was a result of this pursuit in quest of a dream.

The Objective:

Prakriti would endeavor to enlighten, and elevate the customer to the concept of continuous well being and provide very high standard of treatment, bringing in state of the art facilities to an ancient system of Indian medicine, while preserving its authenticity Traditionally, ayurvedic treatment is avoided during summer months due to high temperatures. This restriction has been quelled by providing air- conditioned environment to achieve and maintain the desired temperature levels. An important aspect of an ayurvedic treatment is "Swedana" or sweating the impurities out. For the comfort of the urban man, the traditional steam bath has been replaced by static of the art sauna. To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, a computerized system has been evolved that will keep the profile of each individual, the type of treatment given and get a feedback of the result. Apart form this, well known ayurveda doctors and well – trained masseurs firm kottakkal have been commissioned to welcome every one and guide them through the process of good health. All forms of authentic ayurvedic treatments will be provided at the prakriti Rejunevation Center.

Capt.Ramachandran Opines that:

"Company executives, Politicians, film artistes, airline crew and almost every body who are being jettisoned in this hectic day to day life are exposed to unnatural and severe environments and high amounts of stress accumulated by fighting against time. They are required per force to maintain peak preference levels continuously. To achieve this they need distressing and rejuvenation, which "Prakriti" offers as attractive packages. Modern medicines while growing in leaps and bounds has not been very successful in finding assured cures for common yet crippling of ailments likes spondylosis and arthritis. Prakriti will provide definite relief to people who are suffering from such ailments. Ayurveda lays emphasis on specialized treatments and medication for new

Mothers to alleviate the weaking of their body during childbirth. Prakriti has developed packages to treat them. While Antibiotics give quick relief they also come with side effects. Prakriti would highlight this aspect and encourage parents to resort to ayurvedic medication which would have no side-effects for the child"

What Prakriti offers:

  • Prakriti has evolved ideal weight loss packages for obesity
  • Clean and pleasant ambience
  • Authentic standards of application
  • Relaxation techniques involving music therapy and auto suggestion
  • Sauna
  • Follows ups
  • Maintenance of health profile
  • Authentic treatments with medicines from Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala.
  • Well-trained staff
  • Service-oriented approach


Aging is a worrying factor. Even our vehicles need maintenance from time to time. It is a pity that we have no time in our quest for gold, the time to take care of ourselves. A strong body and soul concept of Ayurveda has been in practice since the Vedic period. Is it not time that advocates a holistic approach to human healthcare, which means a balance between the physical, mental, and the spiritual aspects of human body? Today, the western world is taking more and more interest to study this holistic approach to find cure for particularly terminal diseases in those scriptures not just for them but for you too and let "Prakriti" make Ayurveda away of life for you.

In short " We care for you and take care of you. "


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