Partition systems and modular furniture is designed expressly to look contemporary, while innately managing your floor space to give you, the most of what's available. They are easy to install, move, and to redo configurations, adding convenience further.

At Ultraflex, We have a vast range of partition systems and modular furniture you can choose from.


Range of Partition Systems: Our partitions range from (Width of Partition Panels) 28 mm to 73 mm.

Different Materials Used in Our Partition Systems:

Basics: Partitions systems can be ordered in sizes to suit your specific needs. Generally, partition systems are ordered in sizes of 1200x1200 mm or 1500x1500 mm. Height of partitions is usually maintained at 1200 mm, and the width of each seating system is maintained at 600 mm.

Materials used in the Partition Systems: Fabric, melamine, aluminum PVC, metal and glass. These can also be used in combinations as per your specific requirements. And, all the above come in a wide range of colours and textures.

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