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Uncle Sam's Kitchen, your troubles are over. You'll only have to make one call, and the 'complete party' people will handle the show for you. Whether it's a theme dance party at the beach, a kitty party for 30 people at your mom-in-law's place, or a huge wedding reception for 1500 people - we take care of all the arrangements from the food and drink, decor, music - right down to the toothpicks.

We treat every party as we would our own and you can be sure that if you've forgotten something on your checklist, we'll remind you about it. If you'd like to know more about what we do, check out our wedding, corporate and party sections, or get in touch with us right away.

Uncle Sam's Kitchen has been catering to the tastes of people in Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry and Bangalore for the last 4 years. In this period we have created a distinct personality and a reputation for being completely professional yet deeply involved with any party we cater for. Our clients include: The US Consulate, The British High Commission, The German Council, Citibank, American Express, IIT and TVS, to name a few.

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