Woman’s World – The first step to realize your dreams!

At Woman’s world, we help you, the Chennai woman; find a niche that is your very own. By opening out avenues to a whole new world of social, cultural and economic opportunities, you can equip yourself with the necessary poise and skill to take on the world.

Catch up with friends, learn a new language, and watch your business grow or enjoy the classics of cinema for each day presents a new experience at Woman’s World. Walk in through the doors to find a mélange of events, awaiting your presence. It’s time you discovered a whole new you, only at Woman’s World.
Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Leave the frenzied world behind to unwind at Woman’s World.
Art, Culture, Cuisine, Woman’s world presents an opportunity to appreciate the finer touches in life..
Reach Out:
Social etiquette. Foreign Languages, Exhibition space. A platform to build your networks, hone your skills or exhibit your talents, in association with Woman’s World.
Friendship forum, Indoor games, Workshops, Learn something new, each day of the week at Woman’s World.
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